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Tend Unveils 2.0 Upgrade, Revolutionizing Smart Farm Management


Soquel, CA 5/11/2023 — Tend, a leader in farm management software, announced today the upcoming release of Tend 2.0, a groundbreaking upgrade to its comprehensive farm management platform.

Set to launch this fall, Tend 2.0 will transform farm management with an array of improvements and enhancements that offer users greater flexibility, functionality,  and a more intuitive interface. The new version has been meticulously developed by a passionate team of organic and regenerative farmers and technology experts over the past two years, integrating valuable feedback from existing users.

The software upgrade comes with new features including an enhanced crop planner, smart automated tasks, a new harvest planner, an advanced catalog and inventory manager, improved performance and more. It also offers a centralized order manager to streamline orders from multiple channels, as well as seamless traceability with automatic reports detailing the journey of the products.

“We're thrilled to unveil Tend 2.0, our most advanced and user-friendly farm management software to date," said Avi Benaroya, Founder of Tend. "This upgrade represents not just a response to the current needs of our users, but a proactive leap towards meeting the future demands of small to medium-scale diversified growers. We are committed to empowering farmers worldwide to operate more efficiently and to ensure the prosperity of their businesses.

Tend is currently opening up a waitlist for early access to Tend 2.0, with plans to migrate all existing users to the new platform by the end of the year.

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About Tend

Tend is a leading provider of farm management software, designed to help small and medium-scale diversified farms manage their operations more efficiently. Combining the expertise of organic and regenerative farmers with advanced technology, Tend provides a comprehensive suite of tools for planning, managing, selling and analyzing farm operations. For more information, visit